Upwork WordPress 2017 Test Question

Upwork WordPress 2017

Upwork WordPress 2017 Test Question

upwork wordpress 2017 questions with updated question

1)What is the name of a table in database which stores custom fields data?
a) wp_custometa
b) wp_ options
c) wp_terms
d) wp_postmeta

2) How do you enable debug mode in WordPress?
a)By going to Dashboard > Setting > General and them enaable debug   mode
b)By setting WP_ DEBUG as true in wp-config.php
c)It is enabled by default

3)Which HTML tags are not allowed to be used in a post comment? (Note: there may be more than one right answer)

4)Which WordPress system can be used to temporarily store information ?
b)Meta tables

5)How do you enable the Network Setup menu item (enable Multisite) in WordPress?
a)Install WP MU plugin
b)Activate WP Multisite in settings menu
c)Set WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE as true in wp_config.php
d)WP MU has been discontinued as a separate project so there is no way to set up multisites in WP now

6)The following variables you can use in this email are not explained entirely on the site options page?(choose all that apply)
e)None of the above

7)What is WordPress multisite?
a)Special version of WordPress that can support man sites and is not free.
b)Wp configuration feature that supports multiple sites.
c)A WP pulginj that supports mltiple sites.
d)A popular WP theme that supports multiple sites.

8)What is common to all thesse functions : next_pot, previous_pst, link_page, the_author_url, up_get_link?
a)They all return URLs
b)They are all deprecated
c)They all point to psts or post lists
d)They all echo something

9)Which constant is NOT recognized in wp_config. php?

10)Which concept does WordPress use to control user access to differnt features?
b)Access tokens

11)Which of the following is not a default image size in WP?
a)Small size
b)Medium Sizec)Large size
d)Thumbnail size

12)What are WordPress hooks?
a)Setting options available to wordpress administrators.
b)Security functions that run inside WordPress.
c)Group of plugins which control wordPress behavior.
d)Ways to change the default behabior of WordPress.

13)Select all the default taxonomies in WordPress. Note: there may be more than one right answer.
c) Link_ category
d) Product_tag
e) post_fomat
f) category

14)Which of the submenu functions wil you use for Tools?
a)add_pages_page (Page_title, menu_title, capability,handle);
b)add_user_page (Page_title, menu_title, capability,handle);
c)add_theme_page (Page_title, menu_title, capability,handle);
d)add_managemetn (page (Page_title, menu_title, capability,handle);
e)add_options_page (Page_title, menu_title, capability,handle);

15)What is the differnce between the wp_title and the_title tags?
a)wp_title() funciton is for use inside “The Loop” to display the title of a page. the_title() on the other hand is used without “The Loop”.
b)wp_title()funciton is for use outside “The Loop” to display the title of a page. the_title() on the other   hand is used within “The Loop”.
c)wp_title() funciton is for use inside “The Loop” to display the title of a page.   the_title() on the other hand is used wittin “The Loop”.
d)All of the above.

16)Which one of the following files is located in the root of your WordPress installation directory and  contains your website’s setup details, such as database cpmmectom informaiton?
a)setup. html

17)Which from below are default post tupes om WordPress and are readily available to users or internally ussed by the WordPress installation by default:
g)Navigation menu

18)Which Wp global object is used to execute custom database quries?

19)What can the Contributor role do?
a)Moderate comments
b)Publish Posts
c)Edit posts
d)Edit pages

20)Where are pulgin options stored in WordPress?
a)They are stored in WordPress theme folder.
b)They are stored in WordPress pulgin folder.
c)They are stored in WordPress.org and not on your site.
d)They are stored in WordPress Database.

21)Pick the correct default Post types readily available to users or internally used by the WordPress installation. (choose all that apply)

22) What is user Management?
a)It allows manging the user information such as changing the role of the users to    (subsciber,contributor,author, editor or administrator), create or delete the  user and change   the password and    user information. the main part of the user manager is Authentication.

b)It does not allow managing the user information such as changing the role of the users to (sucscriber,contributor, author, editor or administrator), to create or delete the user and change   the    password and usaer information. The main part of the user mangaer is Authentication.

c)It allows manging the user information such as changing the role of the users to(subsciber,contributor,pulgin, author, editor or administrator),to create or delete the user and change the password and user information. the main part of the user manager is Authentication.

d)It allows manging the user information such as changing the role of the users to(subsciber,contributor,pulgin, author, editor or administrator), create or delete the user and change the password and user information. the main part of the user manager is Authentication.

23)Which of the following is not a default user role in Wp?

24)Is it Possible to programmatically create posts ?
b)Yes, with wp_insert_post() function
c)Yes, with wp_add_post() function
d)Yes, with wp_create_post() function

25)How can you modify the new role using the following code snippest?
a)<?Php  $admin = ger role   (‘administrator’);  $PrivateRole _> remove _cap(“read_private_pages’);    />

b)<?Php  $admin = ger role   (‘administrator’);  $caps _> admin _capabilities;  remove_role  (“designer’);  ?>

c)<?Php  add role (‘designer’,   ‘Designer’, $caps’);  remove _role(“designer’);  ?>

d)<?Php  $PrivateRoel = ger role (‘privaterreader’);    $PrivateRole _> remove _cap(“read_private_pages’);  ?>

26)Which of the following is the corrrect way to register shortcode?

a)function foobar func ($atts){  return”foo   and bar”;  }  new_shortcode(“foobar;, foobar_func’);

b)function foobar func ($atts){  return “foo and bar”;  }    insert_ shotrtcode (“foobar”, “foobar                _funct’);  }  insert_shortcode (“foobar’ “foobar_fuc’);

c)function   foobar_func($atts)  return “fooand bar”;  }  register_shortcode (“foobar’ , ‘foobar_func’);

d)function foobar   func ($atts) {  return “foo and bar”,  }  add_shortcode( “foobar”, foobar_func’);

27)Which of the following is an incorrect possible value for $show attribute of bloginfo ($show) function?

28)Which of the following is true about Wp_mail() function? (choose all that apply)
a)A true return value does not automtically mean that the user
received thae email sucessfully.
b)For this function to work, the settings SMTP and smtp_port
(defaylt:25) need to be set in your php.ini file.
c)The default content type allows using HTML.
d)The function can handle only one email as $to parameter.

29)What is true about the _meta () function? (Choose all that apply)
a)This is a function for displaying custom fields for the current post,
known as the”post_meta” (stored in the wp_ Postmeta table.)
b)It formats the data into an unordered list.
c)It may be used outside the loop.
d)The_meta () will ignore meta _keys (i.e field names) that begin with an underscore.

30)Which of the following is not a WordPress role?

31)What does tge Wp_rand() function do?
a)Gets random post ID.
b)Gets random category ID.
c)Generates a random post ID for WP_insert_ post() function.
d)Generates a random number.

32)What is a permalink?
a)Permalinks are the permanent URLS to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories an dother lilsts of weblog postings.
b)The numeric IP address of your wordPress site.
c)The complete URL of your WOrdPress site.
d)A popular WordPress pulgin.

33)How can you get al exisiting tags ouside the loop in WordPress?
a)$tag= get tag(); $html = ‘;   foreach ($tag as $tags) {$tag_link =                      get_tag_link   ($tags-.term_id); $html.=”,a href+   “{$tag_link} ” title=”{$tag->name} Tag’ class=’      {tag->slug}’>”;     $html.= “{$tag->name} “; }   $html   .=’; echo $html;

b)$tag= get tag(); $html = ‘; foreach ($tag as $tags) { $tag_link = get_tag_link    ($tags-.term_id); $html.=”,a href+ “{$tag_link} ” title=”{$tag->name} Tag’ class='{tag->slug}’>”;      $html.= “{$tag->name} “;}   $html .=”‘;echo $html;

c)$tag= get tag(); $html   = ‘; foreach ($tag as $tags) {$tag_link = get_tag_link    ($tags-.term_id);  $html.=”,a href+ “{$tag_link} ” title=”{$tag->slug} Tag’ class=’ {tag->slug}’>”;      $html.= “{$tag->name} “;} $html .=”‘; echo $html;

d)$tag= get tag();   $html = ‘;foreach ($tag as $tags) {$tag_link = get_tag_link      ($tags-.term_id);   $html.=”,a href+ “{$tag_link} ” title=”{$tag->slug} Tag’ class='{tag->slug}’>”;      $html.= “{$tag->name} “;} $html .=”‘; echo $html;

e)All of the above.

34)What is the WordPress navigation menu without a submenu ?
a)wp_nav_menu( arry( ‘theme_locatin’ => ‘primary’ ‘menu-class’ =>”nav-menu, “depth” => 1) ) );
b)wp_nav_menu( arry( ‘theme_locatin’ => ‘primary’ ‘menu-class’ =>
c)wp_nav_menu( arry( ‘theme_locatin’ => ‘primary’ ‘menu-class’ => “nav-menu’ , ‘depth’ =>”otside’)));
d)All of the above.

35)How can you style each list item background of the WordPress navigatin separtely?

a)nav li:nth-child(1). current-menu-item{  bacground-color:red;  }  nav li:nth-child(2).current-menu-item{ bacground-color:blue;}  nav li:nt-child(3).current-menu-item{  bacground-color:green;  }

b)nav li:nth-child(1). current-menu-item{  bacground-color:red;  }  nav li:nth-child(2).current-menu-item{ background-color:blue;  }  nav li:nt-child(3).current-menu-item{  bacground-color:green;  }

c)nav li:nth-  first-child(1). current-menu-item{bacground-color:red;  }  nav li:nth-second-child (2).current-menu-item{bacground-color:blue;  }  nav li:nt-third-child(3).current-menu-item{bacground-color:green;  }

d)nav li:nth-childs(1). current-menu-item{  bacground-color:red;  }  nav li:nth-childs(2).current-menu-item{ bacground-color:blue;  }  nav li:nt-childs(3).current-menu-item{  bacground-5color:green;   }

e)nav li:nth-  first-child(1). current-menu-item{  bacground-color:red;  }  nav li:nth-second-child            (2).current-menu-item{  bacground-color:blue;  }  nav li:nth-third-child(3).current-menu-item{            bacground- color:green;  }

f)All of the above.

36)How can you create a static page with WOrdPress?

a)To create a static page in WOrdpress, in the page section you have to upload php files to the server in the theme folder, and then select that as your template. this allows you to add any page and look  that you wanted  for you blog and it will remain static.

b)To Create a static page in WordPress, WOrdPress is no doubt a good CMS, but Drupal and Joomla  are among the best CMS you can work with

c)Theme selection differs according to the requirement, but an ideal theme would be something that would not restrict the number of pages, pulgins or static hompage.

d)All of the above.

37)How can you enable the featured image Thumbnails in WOrdPress?
a)<?php the _post-thumbnail (“thumbnail’); ?.
c)add_theme_support( “post_thumbnails”);
d)<?php add_post-thumbnail( “thumbnail’);?>

38)Which is the default site udates service that WordPress automatically notifies when you publish a new post?

39)What database does WordPress use?

40)What is the defautl table prefix in WP?

41)The_allows you to edit, or view Media Previously uploaded to your blog
a) Media Archive
b) Media Library SubPanel
c)Media Manager
d) Media Monger
e) None of these

42)Wordpress uses a___________ in conjunction with the mod_rewrite Apache module to produce
a) . Config file
b) an .htacess file
c) an XFN file
d) an XML file
e) none of these

43)which constant is Not recognize in wp-config.php ?

44)A WordPress………….. Is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlyig unifying desing for a weblog
a) layout
b) library
c) plug-in
d) theme
e) widget

45)Which of the following post types are by default available in wordpress installation (choose all the apply) Note :there may be more than one right answer.
b) Page
d) Media

46)what does wordpress use to control user acess to different features
b)Acess tokens
c) Role

47)A theme_________ acts like a plugin and , if present in your theme, is automatically loaded during the wordpress initalization
a) Bootstrap Files
b)Functions Files
c)Plugin File
d)Setup Files
f) Stylesheet

48)…………………. Make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web.
a) Avatars
b) Gravatars
c) Smileys
d) widgets
e) None of the above

49)what is the default site update services that wordpress automatically notifies when you publish a new post
a) http:// rpc.pingomatic.com
b) http://google.com
c) http://ping.feedburner.com
d) http:// www.feedsubmitter.com

50)where can you can the timezone used by wordpress in the dashboard
a) In Setting > Media
b) In setting > General
c) in setting > Reading
d) In setting> writing

51)Pick the default template tag(s). Note :there may be more than one right answer
a) the_field()
b) wp_title()
c) the_title()
d) wp_field()

52)In a manual installation , wp-config-sample.php should be renamed to_____.
a) wp-config-man.php
b) wp-config.php
c) wp-loop.php
d) wp-main.php
e) wp-startup.php

53)Which of the following is used to check if the current visitor is a logged in user ?
a) is_visitor_logged_in ();
b) is_user_logged_in ();
c) if_user_logged_in ();
d) is_user_logged ();

54)The most thorough and organized online documentation for wordpress is the wordpress___________.
a) DocX
b) Devex
c) Codex
d) Modex
e) WikiX
f) none of the above.

55)What are the common features of the following functions: next_post, previous_post, link_pages, the_author_url,wp_get_link ?
a) They all return URLs
b) They are all deprecated
c) They all point to posts or post lists
d) They all echo something

56)…………..are the images,video,recording and file you upload and use in the blog
a) Add-ons
b) Archives
c) Media
d) Plugins
e) extensions

57)A/an………..is globally recognized avatar.
a) alias
b) alter ego
c) avatron
d) gravatar
e) site_avatar


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