Real Juice Danger 100% in Children Growth and make them fat ??

Real Juice Danger

Real Juice Danger effect on children health

In Many Country, sweet drinks are labeled as fruit juice and they claim 100% fruits but in reality, Real juice danger is not visible to people packed fruit juice is not healthy, they contain only 25% of fruit content.

What is fruit juice meaning?
if the drink is made using 100% fruit concentrate with no preservative is labeled as a fruit juice.But many drinks contain sweet beverage with a small amount of fruit juice or juice flavor chemical.

fruit juice is composed of three content water, fruit pulp and sugar.high level of sugar in juice harmful for children according to statistics fruit juice in India contain more sugar as compare to USA and China.
Packaged juices have low fiber and fructose in them. they increase blood sugar level in children. which causes high uric acid, fatty liver, and weight gain, obesity in children which is also known as type 2 Diabetes.

Some juice contains sodium benzoate, magnesium chloride which can be harmful to children’s kidneys and intestine.Fresh juice has more antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin which are helpful in the growth of children.these vitamins consume by a body not stored as fat.

Consumers should avoid packaged fruit and eat fruit regulators should insist the companies put the label or warning sign on the bottle that the drinks contain more than 5% of sugar in it.So the consumer must be aware of the product they are buying.Which is good for there childrens.

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