H2O Increase Metabolism during workout

H2O increase Metabolism

H2O Increase Metabolism and help to lose weight

People think drinking H2O(water) help them to lose weight and increase Metabolism.In fact, 30% – 60% adults try to lose weight lose weight by drinking 17oz serving of water daily it helps to burn plenty of calories to burn which is resting energy expenditure.study show that increases metabolic rate are different in men and women.keep in mind Drinking water during the day times help you to remove more fat in women.

We have seen working women more fat by consuming fewer calories from Tea, Coffee.Full glass of water before and after the meal aid digestion and speed up weight loss it will help your body to break food and absorb all the important nutrients.It helps to regulate your body temperature and protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues harmful chemical rid of waste through pee and sweat it to reduce hangover drink a glass of water during drinks at least one big glass after every three drinks it reduces the symptoms like thirst, fatigue, headache and dry mouth.People who consume water they have the lower risk of chronic kidney stone according to the study of the university of Sydney in Australia.

On the other Hand, water also has a dark side.King’s college in south London women want to loose their weight got gravely ill by overdosed on water by getting symptoms of urinary tract infection.She drinks lots of water every 30 minutes. Women admitted to A&E where the doctor found she was suffering from low level of salt in her blood.Which cause her nausea, vomiting and headaches and her brain swell.Doctors save the women life with treatment suffering from gastroenteritis.she spent 24 hours in hospital and discharge after spending a long time in a hospital.It took about a week to make her normal again.

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