Cancer Warning Signs Commonly Ignore By Peoples

Cancer Warning Signs

Cancer Warning Signs which is commonly ignored by Peoples

whenever it comes minor pain aches and other health problems we just ignore the common ailments but this the mistake we made it can actually be the first Cancer Warning Signs.Many People do not pay much attention to the common sign of pain.

Lumps or Bumps
Lumps or Bumps is minor warning commonly ignore by people.Raised skin bumps and lumps can be allergic reaction they may itchy and non-itchy, the same color as your skin or the different color.if you see anything you should consult you, doctor.

A cough or Hoarseness
a cough that doesn’t go away is a signal of lung cancer, especially seen in heavy smokers and scratchy voice is the sign of throat cancer.Harmful smoke particle damage the malignancies which may affect your voicebox and damage your nerve system.

Weight Loss
losing weight without exercising is the point to liver cancer it also knows as will reduce your body ability to extract protein and calories from food and waste muscles fat.This cancer changes the metabolism of the body.

Sores In Mouth
this is also the form of skin cancer Sores in the mouth which don’t heal lead to oral cancer especially if you smoke or drink.It gives the bad breath from the mouth.Ask your doctor to check the sores if they don’t go away in 2 to 3 month.

Trouble In Swallowing
if you can’t gulp the food properly this the cause of neck cancer tumor in the food pipe block the food.faliure to swallow food link to stomach cancer.this is not common in young men it is found in those with an ulcer in the stomach. They have more risk of stomach cancer.

the sign and symptoms described above do not necessarily indicate cancer, Do not ignore them you will experience these symptoms in a day to day get an appointment with the doctor


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