Best Mosquito Killer Homemade Remedy in 1 minute

best mosquito killer

Homemade Remedy which is Best Mosquito killer

Mosquitoes are just little creatures but they are natural killer us.They cause some dangerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya.There are many mosquito repellents out in the market which contain dangerous chemicals.which are bad for health. But there is some Best Mosquito Killer way to get rid of from mosquito problems with eco-friendly Homemade remedies.


Garlic has a strong smell which kills the mosquito. Boil and crush the few cloves of garlic and pour the solution in spray bottle and squirt in the room it will kill the mosquitoes.

2.Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many is anti-bacterial and antiviral to get rid off from mosquitoes apply the oil all over the body it will keep the mosquitoes away from you for 10 hours.


beer contain alcohol strong smell of helpful to keep the mosquitos away from house Fill the bowl with a beer and put under the bed. Strong smell of the kill the mosquitos.


Plant basil in around the house and put few leaves of basil plant around your home mosquitoes won’t come near your house.

5.Tea Tree Oil

Anti-fungal features of the tree work perfectly.The strong odor of the tea tree oil keep the mosquitoes away.Apply few drops of tea oil with few drops of water on your body and face.

6.Rosemary plant(मेंहदी संयंत्र)

Burn few stalks of rosemary plant near your house or where you sleep.Rosemary is natural mosquito repellent.its smell prevents the mosquitos from entering your home.


Although everyone loves the smell of mint but mosquitoes hate it.Buy mint extract of mint oil mix it with water and pour the solution in the water bottle.Then spray the mixture all over the room to keep the mosquito away.


  • Hang a Mosquito net around your bed.
  • Wear full sleeves shirt.
  • Keep door and window closed at night time.


  • Don’t allow stagnant water near your home that is where mosquito breed.

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